Podcast Episode 005

005: How to come up with the perfect name for your next hit game.

Naming your game can be super tricky! Coming up with that all encompassing killer title can waste hours and have you scratching your head trying to settle on that perfect branding.

This episode covers the importance of coming up with a name that truly reflects the nature and tone of your game. Your game title should completely set your potential players expectations before they even download it, and how a mismatch here can lead to disappointment. Using some online tools to aid in your research along with some things to consider for ASO purposes.

Highlights, Quick Wins & Takeaways:

  • Your game name should match the theme and tone of the gameplay
  • Start with the motion, goals or mechanics of your game
  • 2 Word “Rhyming” titles are usually best for “Fun / Silly / Arcade” games
  • Misspelling or adding punctuation marks can get you close if your name has been taken
  • Use online Thesaurus sites like WordHippo.com for ideas and inspiration
  • Reserve your name inside iTunesConnect to ensure you’ve secured it