Podcast Episode 003

002: Graphic direction, where to buy art packs & the 4 pillars of style.

Your game needs graphics, well yeah, go figure! But what style do you choose for your game and what happens if you’re no digital Picasso?

In this episode, we chat about ensuring the art direction of your game matches the mood and feel correctly. Where to go online if you’re looking to purchase game art, backgrounds and game packs. What are the 4 most tried and tested art styles that consistently get featured by Apple in “New Game We Love” and why if you choose one of these, you’re more likely to get noticed.

Thinking outside the norm when it comes to outsourcing and where to go if you’re looking for a freelancer. Regardless if it’s a one-off commission or perhaps you’re looking to take on a full-time game artist, finding someone to create ongoing bespoke art can be tricky.

Highlights, Quick Wins & Takeaways:

  • Why you must be in love with whatever style you choose
  • Look at the Appstore for Trends and Featured Games
  • Voxel, Flat, Polygon and Pixel are the 4 pillars of style
  • Look for art packs that are big enough for your project
  • See if you can easily modify packs yourself to extend the value
  • Learn basic digital art skills to save you money
  • Visit Behance.net and dribbble.com to source artists
  • Match art style with the theme and mood of your game
  • Be consistent throughout your game in the overall style
  • Graphics need to be high quality, period.

Links to Resources mentioned in this Episode:

Online Management tools:



Where to buy game art, characters and game design packs:

Graphic River





Games on the Appstore:

Old Mans Journey

Splitter Critters

Lara Croft Go


Monument Valley